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 Why choose us ?

 Maybe because you are looking for something delicious and full of flavour and not just full of sugar?

 Or because you want a cake tailored to your needs? And your previous supplier doesn't bother too much about personalization?    

Or craving after a delicious piece of freshly made chocolate?

Or you may just want to try something new? Either a new flavour or a new product?

We are here to answer to those questions and make your day better by just simply caring about your needs.

 We are proud to say we provide the best quality desserts in Hertfordshire. We base our sayings on incontestable facts, hundreds of reviews and feedbacks from real customers received over the last decade since we have started producing our goods: chocolates, cakes( wedding, celebration, birthday) and patisserie goods.

Over 80% of the orders  are now based on repeated business. So we definitely do the things right here!

All our products are made from scratch, we do not use premixes and we don't use non sense preservatives.

We use basic equipment during the production process, so majority of the steps are performed manually.

We are a small family business and our working time is limited to 12 hours per day so we can only serve a certain number of customers. If you are thinking of  placing an order with us and have a cake done for a particular day please allow more time to avoid disappointment. We aim  to turn customers into fans not to turn them away. So please consider this and help us to offer you a great experience from start to finish!

Our promise to you?

We will do our best to make your day unforgettable and convince through the quality of the service to stick with us ! 


Ribana & Dumitru Cristescu