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Our Artisan chocolaterie produces personalized chocolates, confections, cakes & desserts.


All our creations chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops are proudly made from scratch, in our licensed bakery based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. We do our best to avoid the use of preservatives or non-sense additives during the process of creating our goods.


To ensure freshness, we make our products to order. That allows us to follow the instructions of the customers accurately, providing fresh products with the requested flavour, design and size.


We are artisan chocolatiers and pâtissiers and we treat our orders with respect. Every product we make is unique custom size, flavour and design.


We use basic equipment during the production process, so majority of the steps are performed manually.


Starting from polishing the chocolate moulds and baking tins, tempering chocolate, making the shells and fillings the bonbons, moulding the chocolate slabs, creating the novelty shaped chocolates and cakes, glazing, continuing with the decorating, customizing and packaging all is done manually. We know exactly what goes into your cake or chocolate as we always use fresh, top quality ingredients.


Our bakery is the home of most delicious, stunning chocolates, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cookies, cupcakes. Based on the feedback and reviews received from our customers we feel proud of advertising our products as being tasteful and good looking, the best fresh cakes and chocolates available to order in the area.


We aim to offer you a unique experience, unforgettable, with everything we create. We serve not only Hatfield and surroundings also London and Hertfordshire's neighbouring counties.


A bespoke service from start to finish!