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  •  These gorgeous powder colours are a must have for all things decorative! Not only do they look amazing but the colour lasts from the moment you put it on your cake to the very last bite.

    The versatile product means you can brush it straight onto edible mediums or mix it into a paint using alcohol. The different ways to create beautiful designs just never stop.

    The durable storage pots also mean that you don’t need to worry about any spillages. If (we mean when) you buy more the flat lids on the pots mean you can stack all your favourite lustre colours in one place.

    With the vast amount of colours on offer you will be spoilt for choice! The colours are not only 100% edible but also free of any artificial colours and preservatives. Make your treats magical with these!

  • Powder Colours can be dusted on to creations like sugar flowers and models.
  • This can be added into various different mediums e.g. buttercream and royal icing and even mixed with alcohol to create a paint.